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Why You Should Speak At Health 2.0 Conference?

The healthcare industry buzzes non-stop, and there's always a fresh perspective ready to enlighten enthusiasts at health events. Here at the Health 2.0 Conference, we hand you the mic to become the industry's voice. As a trailblazer in the spotlight, you're not simply addressing an audience; you're molding the future of the field. Let your story shine uniquely, and let your viewpoint resonate with fellow innovators. Connect with other expert panelists, network, and play a pivotal role in the grand transformation of health events.

Amidst the industry's inspiring vibes, it all boils down to one question, “what unique insights do you bring to the table?”

Make Your Voice Heard Before
Industry Experts


Showcase Your

Do you think your knowledge can benefit others? Use this opportunity to be a healthcare leader and share insights and points of view that have the potential to innovate and inspire. Showcase your leadership and impact others with your thoughts.


Innovate And Contribute
To Discourse

If your unique ideas can kick-start meaningful conversations and drive the industry forward, then this is your chance to speak up. Contribute to the revolution of the industry by adding to the ongoing trends and sparking new courses of action.


Reach A Bigger

This is your chance to reach a wide audience. Your ideas can resonate with attendees seeking expertise, and your influence can go beyond the event through post-conference coverage and talks.


Shape the Industry's

You can shape the future of healthcare by sharing your views with the world. Your perspectives can inspire others, challenge the norm, and drive creative solutions, shaping the industry's new-age evolution.

What Are The Topics Of Discussion?

Health 2.0 Conference covers all the latest themes and trends in healthcare. Our Dubai and Las Vegas schedules are packed with exciting keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats, covering everything you can imagine in healthcare — cancer research, mental health, diabetes management, and wellness trends, to name a few.

Have something exciting to tell the world? The best part about smart health conferences is that you can share additional topics with us. If your idea fits our themes and our awesome audience, there might just be a spot for you!


Discover Our Sessions

We have combined a mix of thought-provoking keynotes, interactive panel discussions, engaging breakout sessions, and even lively Q&A interactions. And that's just the start – we've ensured plenty of space for you to connect with fellow innovators and dive into exciting discussions. All of this creates an immersive atmosphere designed to spark connections, share insights, and transform the future of healthcare together. To know more, take a look at our previous sessions and how they flow effortlessly from one discussion to another!

Content Vetting – The Health 2.0 Conference Assurance

We have a rigorous content review and approval process to ensure that the material presented at our 2024’s health conference meets the highest standards of quality, relevance, and value. By carefully selecting the content shared on our platform, we aim to provide attendees with insightful, impartial, and actionable insights that resonate with the ever-evolving tech landscape. This process safeguards the integrity of our event and guarantees a meaningful experience for all participants.

Speed Up The Process Of Securing A Speaking Slot


Spark A Change

Break the pattern by challenging the usual norms. If you dare to be different, show us what you’ve got in store and we’ll hear your unique insights with a keen ear.


Industry-Wide Impact

Think beyond your available heuristics and create out-of-the-box patterns in the industry. Can your angle transform the entire world of healthcare? There’s only one way to find out!


Fresh Perspectives

If you've covered a topic before, provide a new spin tailored to our Health 2.0 Conference crowd. Innovative approaches catch our eye and we hold extraordinary speakers in high regard.


Take The Challenge

With intelligent ideas come even more challenging questions. Show that you are prepared to answer counter discussion. Our ideal speakers embrace candid conversations and unexpected twists.

Remember, our choices are based on content relevance, not personal biases. Your dedication to your application is valued, and we appreciate your understanding as we work to create a program that resonates with all enthusiasts.


Ready to Share Your Thoughts?

Join us as a speaker to share your insights, spark conversations, and play a role in shaping crucial dialogues in the healthcare industry.

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