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Through well being-focused activities, Dr. Noreen Nguru, a wellness travel consultant certified in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness practice, helps her clients recover from occupational burnout and detach from technology.

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    Founder & Medical Director

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    What The Doctor Recommends

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    Healthcare & Wellness

Since 2016

Improving The Healthcare System

Post Conference Outcomes

15+ Meetings Scheduled With Attendees!

  • The Health 2.0 Conference exceeded Dr. Noreen's expectations in every way. She currently has over 50+ business cards, some of which are hot leads!
  • She has already scheduled 15+ meetings with a few healthcare and wellness companies that can resonate with her company's vision and services.
  • As our premier healthcare conference brought together biotech and healthcare professionals from countries like Israel, South Africa, Dubai, Oman, India, and Pakistan, to name a few, she was very excited about the global exposure it had to give.

Our Numbers Keep Going Up!

  • 3500+

    Healthcare Practitioners Till Date

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Time To Take Your Passion To The Next Level Like Noreen Nguru!

As an attendee, Dr. Noreen had the opportunity to meet some of the top professionals in her field, which allowed her to build valuable connections and gain new insight into the latest trends and technologies in her field. In addition to networking with these individuals, she was also invited to host and moderate a panel at the event, where she was able to share her enthusiasm for her field and highlight its importance.

Dr. Noreen felt honored to have been asked to contribute in this way, as it was an opportunity she wouldn't have had without attending the conference. During the course of the conference, Noreen also attended numerous sessions on various topics related to her field, giving her a comprehensive overview of what's going on in her industry.

International Exposure

Noreen was inspired by the vast range of cultures and countries represented, including Israel, South Africa, Dubai, Oman, India, and Pakistan. This allowed her to gain insight into global trends in the healthcare sector and engage with peers who had valuable experiences to share.

The talks and panel discussions gave Noreen new insights into the current state of health affairs, along with possible ways they could be improved in the future. There were plenty of networking opportunities throughout the event, which helped Noreen build contacts within her own field as well as across industries related to health and biotechnology.

Turn Perspectives Into Partnerships With Health 2.0 Conference

This three-day healthcare and wellness event provides each and every attendee with a myriad of perspectives and ideas that have the potential to fuel the future of the healthcare world. Check out the upcoming editions of the Health 2.0 Conference and decide for yourself!

Learn From The Best

You cannot afford to pass on the opportunity of generating relationships with some of the renowned names in the healthcare sector who can support your future ventures. Get yourself a spot by contacting us today!