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Three Days.A Lifetime Of Experiences.

Wondering why you ought to attend our healthcare conference? Well, how about because we have spent countless hours curating nothing but the best for you? Or how about an open arena of unbeatable opportunities? Or…how about all of that and much more under one roof?

The Health 2.0 Conference is a platform designed to give you a multi-dimensional experience of knowledge, opportunities, insights and a chance to share in countless journeys and stories. We have got a little something for everyone.

Come, let us give you a peek.


The keynote sessions are the starlet of our conference. At our health conference, these sessions typically involve bringing together executives, industry influencers, and thought leaders of the healthcare industry. Innovative topics and invigorating insights are shared throughout the sessions, usually lasting anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Speakers can use various means, such as visuals, storytelling, etc, to make the session more engaging and enjoyable for the audience.

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Speaker Sessions

Speaker Sessions

Speaker sessions are short but with deep, insightful outcomes. In these sessions, industry leaders will discuss detailed topics related to the health industry. Along with that, they are also a great way for the speakers to showcase live demonstrations and interactive experiments.

Panel Discussions

Bringing in the best of the healthcare industry, panel discussions at our healthcare conference are a great way to explore an agenda from multiple perspectives. Panel discussions are aimed at providing unique insights into everything about health by important stakeholders (2 to 7) of the industry. These sessions are scattered throughout the day, and each of them tackles a different topic.

Fireside Chats

Bringing in a more candid setting, our fireside chats involve two or three industry leaders, experts, or any other integral stakeholder of the healthcare industry engaging in a more friendly and open dialogue. Through friendly banter, insightful outcomes are achieved with both the on-site experts and the audience having a chance to engage in an open and meaningful conversation.

Fireside Chat


With a more traditional structure, presentations involve speakers addressing the audience and delivering a prepared talk supported by interactive visuals like slides, diagrams, charts, videos, etc. These sessions usually last 5 to 20 minutes, where presenters explore various topics, case studies, and much more concerning the healthcare industry. They are also a great opportunity for presenters/ organizations to present their brand to the audience.

Q&A Sessions

Last but not least, to help you solve your queries the Health 2.0 Conference team has also arranged short Q/A sessions after each event. Lasting for 5-10 minutes, these are aimed to allow an open space for the audience to interact with experts and seek answers to their questions.

Q&A Sessions
Show Stopper

Showstopper Sessions

Our Showstopper Session, held once a day, is the main event that brings together attendees from different 2.0 conferences. In this session, which lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, a leading expert discusses a thought-provoking topic that's relevant to various industries. It's a time for everyone to learn and connect, encouraging conversations that go beyond specific fields and engage a diverse group of participants.

Networking Sessions

To relax and ponder over the insights from different sessions, our health conference brings you exclusive networking sessions. Scattered throughout the day, here, you can unwind and discuss the outcomes of each event with your peers while building important connections and clientele.

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Networking Sessions

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