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Healthcare businesses benefit from Charles Hales' awareness-raising and educational efforts because they can better comprehend and control the complicated threats related to cybersecurity.

  • Role:

    President & Founder

  • Organization:

    Hale Consulting Solutions LLC

  • Industry:

    Health Technology & Cybersecurity


Years Of Industry Experience

Post Conference Outcomes

Made Business Relationships With 12+ Companies

Growth Opportunities
  • He was one of the panelists, which gave him global exposure plus many follow-ups and connections.
  • He successfully leveraged the branding and marketing opportunities available at the conference while meeting some of the renowned faces of the healthcare industry.
  • He was able to engage a few organizations eager for his advisory assistance, and some are ready to be potential clients of Hales Consulting Solutions.

Numbers That Inspire Us!

  • 3500+

    Healthcare Practitioners Till Date

  • 50+


  • 20+



“We were able to significantly increase our brand awareness and network through the event…” – Charles Hales

He came. He saw. He made the most of it. Yes, it is all true in the case of Charles Hales. Not only do our healthcare events help your brand and product market itself like never before, but we also believe in retaining your image in the minds of your potential audience. Charles, a healthcare technology and cybersecurity expert, was able to meet at least a dozen of companies and individuals who were not only interested in consultancy but could be prospective clients in the future for fruitful business relationships.

After attending this three-day conference as a panelist, Charles saw a spike in his following on LinkedIn. His company’s website is also flooded with new connections looking forward to collaborating with the company. Not only that, he has bagged a few delegates who are keen to participate in events, seminars, and podcasts that Charles and the team are willing to offer.

Like Charles, you can also bring your team to the upcoming editions of the Health 2.0 Conference in Dubai & USA in 2023 and meet new people, learn new things and collaborate in an environment you might not otherwise get in your usual workspace.

Health 2.0 Conference — Enhancing Your Understanding Of The Sector

Many of you would think why to attend our upcoming healthcare conference in 2023? Well, the answer is quite simple: you and your brand get global exposure. Also, if you are bringing your team like Charles did, you will witness excellent team building and bonding experiences like never before. Healthcare events like the Health 2.0 Conference gets you on an educational journey with industry experts.

Participating in such a conference helps you broaden your perspective and find a new one to handle as many challenges as the industry has to throw at you and the company. So it’s time that you invest in yourself, and team so your organization can surpass the ROI expectations.

Build Partnerships & Followers

Health 2.0 Conference is your key to accessing immense learning, networking and growing opportunities. Get yours now!

Become Our Next Charles!

Health 2.0 Conference is on a mission to boost the global healthcare system while bringing the brightest minds of the industry together under one roof for the course of three days. You can also be a changemaker like our experts and grow your network. Contact us today for more information!