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A fitness & pilates master trainer and public health promoter, Di Katz holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Tel Aviv University, where her research focused on well-being, mindfulness, and health behavior change. She is also the author of “Rip It Up. For Good.”

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    CEO & Founder

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17+ Years Experience

Changing & Promoting Positive Health Behavior

Post-Conference Outcomes

Added To Her Podcast Lineup And Formed 15+ Connections.

Networking Opportunities
  • Di Katz Shachar formed about 15 connections with influential people who will help her and the company in future endeavors.
  • Her attendance contributed to the lineup of her podcast — Bodyholic With Di — and opened up more opportunities.
  • In the course of three days, she was able to meet changemakers and investors to back her wellness startups.

Numbers that matter!

  • 3500+

    Healthcare Practitioners Till Date

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Health 2.0 Conference understands what a healthcare business’ constant growth means to the owner, which is why this three-day conference provides an inspiring experience and a multitude of opportunities.

Attending Health 2.0 Conference was beneficial for the CEO & Founder of Bodyholic, Di Katz Shachar. With the vast array of networking opportunities provided, Di Katz was able to establish around 15 connections within her industry – a task that would have taken much longer and been much more difficult outside the walls of this conference. The conversations she had allowed her to gain additional insight into what fellow experts are doing in different parts of the world related to public health issues.

Di’s experience has become an example of how the Health 2.0 Conference provides essential resources and support to businesses, with further collaborations potentially on the horizon. As a result of her participation in the conference, she also got an amazing window to invite healthcare leaders for her podcast, “Bodyholic with Di.”

Meet Trendsetters Like Di Katz At Health 2.0

Di Katz is a passionate and committed health advocate with over 17 years of experience in healthcare. Currently, she is working on a project in Jaffa to raise awareness regarding health and well-being. In addition, Di collaborates with organizations from around the world to spread awareness regarding health with the hopes of decreasing health disparities. With her background in the health and wellness industry and dedication to raising health equality, Di strives for a brighter future for all people.

The Health 2.0 Conference is renowned for being a premier destination for healthcare professionals and fitness leaders like Di Katz as it seeks to create new avenues in the quickly expanding sector. Are you ready to join them?

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