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Your All-In-One Conference Toolkit:
Health 2.0 Conference’s Showguide

Our health summit’s Showguide is designed to enhance your experience, providing you with all the essential information you need to make the most of our exciting editions. Inside, you'll find the schedule of speakers, panel discussions, and interactive fireside chats that will delve into the latest trends and innovations in the healthcare, pharma, wellness, fitness, and nutrition spaces. .

The Showguide also features our esteemed Exhibitors and Sponsors, giving you valuable insights into the cutting-edge products and services they offer. We've made every effort to ensure our Showguides serve as your ultimate companion, empowering you to engage, learn, and explore all that Health 2.0 Conference has to offer. Have a look at our past publications!

Health USA 2024


The 2024 Health 2.0 Conference, hosted in the USA, was a pivotal event that brought together leaders and innovators in the healthcare sector. In addition to thought-provoking keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive fireside chats, attendees experienced the Business Card Exchange Session and the Showstopper Session. These sessions not only facilitated networking and knowledge sharing but also added significant value to the conference experience. Explore our Digital Showguide to discover all the highlights and insights from the 2024 edition!

Spring (Dubai 2023) Edition

Featuring a sleek and glossy cover and a brand new section filled with articles, this comprehensive guide is from our City of Gold installment! Immerse yourself in our agenda, renowned speakers, and engaging discussions that have the potential to reshape the healthcare industry.


Winter (USA 2022) Edition

Our Summer Edition in the USA was a blast! We had speakers and delegates from all over the world and an agenda featuring topics such as the development of psychiatry as a field of study, ways to improve patient outcomes, mental health, alternative care, telehealth, and healthcare interoperability. More in our 2022 edition’s Showguide!

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