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Stay Vigilant Of Fraudsters & Scammers Who May Pose As Health 2.0 Conference’s Representatives

We care a great deal about the privacy and safety of our attendees, which is why we consider it our responsibility to educate all present and future participants of the Health 2.0 Conference about the fraudulent attempts that may take place in our name.


With healthcare events and conventions being back in business after the pandemic, scammers and fraudsters are also making their way, this time more sophisticatedly. We were recently informed about attempts to obtain personal and financial information from frequent conference-goers. Hence, we are issuing a public warning to alert all interested parties to be wary of such encounters while purchasing attendee passes. Do use your best judgment and treat it cautiously while registering for healthcare and wellness events.

Health 2.0 Conference Shares Techniques Used By Scam Perpetrators To Defraud You

Scam perpetrators use a variety of techniques to defraud unsuspecting victims. Many of these techniques can be broken down into two major categories: manipulation and deception.


Manipulation techniques are used to encourage victims to act in a way that puts them at risk of financial loss. Examples of manipulation techniques include unsolicited phone calls, deceptive email or SMS messages, bogus online offers, and fraudsters who attempt to build trust with potential victims.


Deception techniques are also commonly used by scam perpetrators and are designed to create a false sense of security. Examples of deceptive techniques include posing as a legitimate authority figure, using fake testimonials and references, sending fake checks and bank drafts, and creating false financial documents.


As such, it’s essential to remain aware of the many ways in which fraudsters operate and be able to recognize and respond quickly when confronted with a potential scam. We’d also advise our attendees to stay aware of how to protect their personal data and the methods of communication they should avoid to stay safe online.

Scam Prevention Guidelines By Health 2.0 Conference

Health 2.0 Conference, using the below-mentioned guidelines, would like to urge the attendees to be extra vigilant to protect themselves from fraudsters, spammers, and scammers and safeguard their best interests:

  1. Be wary of emails or contacts requesting personal or financial details from you, like a credit card number or bank account. This is not how the Health 2.0 Conference operates.

  2. If you're interested in sponsoring one of our healthcare editions, the Health 2.0 Conference will send you a brochure to review all the information and decide which package fits you. If someone contacts you and demands cash immediately in exchange for registering you, please report it as a scam to us.

  3. The healthcare event doesn't promise you an accolade immediately. You must go through the assessment procedure, including a thorough background check, interviews, and other vetting processes. That being said, if a fraudster or scammer contacts you regarding getting access to our Recognition Session in exchange for money, a big or small amount, report the same for our team to review so they can take strict action against them.

  4. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a representative of the Health 2.0 Conference, always verify their identity. Request their full name and job title, and ask for proof of their affiliation with the event. Verify any requests for information by contacting the Health 2.0 Conference directly at (302) 772-4240 or filling out this form.

We assure you that we are working around the clock to help you keep as much distance from fraudsters, scammers, and spammers as possible, but we need you to support us with your utmost coordination. You are strongly advised to use extreme caution when interacting with such solicitations to protect yourself and your company and prevent money loss or identity theft.

Treat this document for information purposes only. This is not an official press release.

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