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Attracting & Engaging Workforce In Healthcare Industry

You cannot serve your patients, their families, or the community if you do not have skilled, qualified employees. Hiring the right people and engaging and retaining your employees will result in increased morale, lower employee turnover, and a significantly stronger bottom line.

As the world faces unprecedented demographic, economic, and competitive challenges, and other industries face layoffs and cutbacks, most analysts at healthcare events in the USA predicted that the healthcare industry would be the fastest-growing sector of the economy over the next ten years, accounting for at least three out of every ten new jobs created.

However, developing an effective talent acquisition strategy is difficult, especially in the healthcare industry, where there is a growing shortage of healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, no industry is more archaic regarding recruiting and talent management than health care. Many health cares recruiting functions employ an old-fashioned approach and attitude.

Not all healthcare organizations are bad at recruiting; those that have mastered 21st-century recruiting techniques have a lot of success. Unfortunately, the vast majority (90 percent) appears to be as committed to making excuses for their shortcomings as the top 10% is to make a difference.

According to experts at healthcare conferences in Vegas, the number of Americans approaching retirement will increase by more than 30%. In comparison, the population of young adults entering the labor force will increase by less than 3%. When we consider this fact, as well as other challenges, such as a growing number of current workers leaving the field and more stringent budget cuts, the likelihood of increased governmental regulation, and global competition, the need for health care organizations to make talent management a top priority must be emphasized.

Attracting The Right Employees

There is fierce competition for a shrinking talent pool. Potential healthcare workers now have more job options. Due to globalization, skilled workers are prime targets for healthcare organizations worldwide, and the Internet makes it easy for healthcare employees to find and compare job opportunities.

In such a scenario, medical care organizations of all sizes must implement various new processes and procedures, usually through their human resources departments, to improve the efficiency of sourcing, hiring, and onboarding. Technology, for example, is becoming increasingly important in many organizations. Facilities can now use software to initiate a requisition to staffing, post jobs to job boards and corporate websites, extract resumes to databases, track candidates through prescreening and reference checking, schedule interviews, stay in e-mail contact with candidates, and make job offers.

Many organizations can also create and implement standardized job descriptions, interview guides, reference checking procedures, outsourced recruiting assistance, and other processes to assist hiring managers in reaching the job offer and acceptance stage. Then, retooled employee orientation, training, and mentoring programs will help in quickly bringing new employees up to speed.


Hiring and retaining the best health care professionals necessitates the development of a talent strategy to reenergize and refocus your management team. Health care organizations must attract and retain qualified clinical professionals to ensure quality care. Upcoming healthcare events in the USA, such as the Health 2.0 Conference, will discuss how professionals must constantly assess the value of their employee value proposition and ensure that every manager in the healthcare organization understands the rules of engagement and is committed to taking the lead in talent management.

Sarika Gautam

Sarika Gautam is one of the proud leads of the Health 2.0 Conference Dubai edition. The three-day conference is a hotspot of healthcare professionals, medical practitioners, and C-suite executives. Health 2.0 Conference’s upcoming edition is ready to explore interesting topics like digital therapeutics and why including fraud, scam, and spam prevention tactics is the need of the hour.