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An Extraordinary Day 1 — Key Highlights From Health 2.0 Conference, 2023 USA

Health 2.0 Conference unites leading healthcare professionals from across the world to explore modern advancements, trends and issues in healthcare. The recent edition of the conference kicked off in the USA on July 10, 2023, and it was an absolute hit!

It offered fantastic opportunities for enthusiasts to collaborate with experts and to learn from their expertise. Here, we have compiled all the panel discussions, keynote sessions, and fireside chats that took place on Day 1, and the insights shared by the speakers.

Let’s walk you through the highlights of an incredible opening day, giving you a taste of our fascinating agenda and our renowned speakers.

3 Key Eye-Opening Panel Discussions
  1. The Revolution We Need: Driving Structural Changes For Health Equity

    The day commenced with an engaging panel discussion on health equity and its underlying elements. The discussion was moderated by Kris Narayan, Chairman and CEO of MediKarma Inc., and was carried forward by Talia Adika, Partner & Account Director of TY Health Insurance Brokerage, Laura Evans, Owner, Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist, Supervisor, Trainer & Consultant at Laura Evans Counseling, PLCC, Andrei Naeymi-Rad, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Intelligent Medical Objects, Dr. Sachi Ananda, Program Director of Shatterproof at FHE Health and Rick Johnson, Vice President of CMI Media Group.

    Panelists underlined the significance of tackling inequities in the healthcare sector, with a particular emphasis on underserved communities and disadvantaged groups.

    Our attendees absorbed a lot; from creative tactics for making healthcare more inclusive and accessible to a better grasp of obstacles associated with achieving equitable healthcare outcomes for all.

  2. Future Of Wellness: Time To Go Back To The Roots?

    Moderated by Tanya Fasnacht Jolliffe, Founder of L I T Wellness Solutions, this discussion spurred lively conversations about the significance of holistic and nature-based approaches to well-being. Dr. Nathan Price, Chief Scientific Officer of Thorne HealthTech, Minu Basi, CEO & Founder of LRS Wellness, Coleen Greco, Joyologist at Coleen Greco, Ryan Rogers, President of The PTSD Foundation Of America and Garrett Temple, Founder & CEO of Novogiene, were among the panelists that shared valuable insights.

    They shared unique perspectives on the value of traditional methods, highlighting the amalgamation of old wisdom and new advancements. Attendees learned about the rising trend of preventative healthcare and the possibilities of individualized wellness solutions.

  3. Digital Therapeutics: A Growing Industry With Bright Promise

    In this discussion, panelists explored how digital therapies might supplement traditional healthcare approaches by providing effective solutions for controlling chronic illnesses and increasing patient outcomes.

    It was moderated by Sanjeev Kumar, Business & Technology Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences at Mphasis Corp., along with the panelists, Maria Palombini, Global Practice Lead And Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at IEEE Standards Association, Brian Fengler, MD, Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer of EvidenceCare, Dr. Zaher Nahle, Founder & CEO of The IVYCTORY Group, and Rex Chekal, Principal Product Designer at TXI, who exchanged some thrilling ideas, and delivered some great strategies to in acing the art of digital healthcare.

    You can view these discussions on our designated YouTube Channel, and absorb all the insights from live recordings.

An Awe-Inspiring Keynote Session With Dr. Porter

An esteemed recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences and Rehabilitation (IAFNR), Dr. Patrick K. Porter led an engaging keynote session on the topic- Revolutionizing Brain Health: Brainwave Entrainment through Light, Sound, and Vibration.

In this session, attendees were exposed to cutting-edge strategies for influencing brainwave patterns and promoting mental well-being through various sensory modalities. Dr. Porter covered a lot of areas like cognitive function, reducing stress, and boosting relaxation using brainwave technologies.

A Fantastic Opportunity To Collaborate With Experts

Health 2.0 Conference is not just a hotspot for learning. Our attendees can also engage with experts and network with them on similar grounds. Day 1 of the USA edition of the conference this year enabled a lot of attendees to make appropriate and long-lasting connections in healthcare.

Not only were our attendees able to collaborate with fellow experts, but they were also highly motivated owing to our Recognition Session, where we honor and reward some outstanding achievers in the field of healthcare.

Bottom Line

The first day of the USA 2023 edition of Health 2.0 Conference was an absolute success. Attendees learned new perspectives and were able to network with delegates from various institutions like Yale University, Medexus Pharmaceuticals, Nemours Children’s Health, Afro-European Medical And Research Network, and Houston Methodist Hospital.

If you want to be part of our global healthcare gathering where you can upscale your industry standard and professional practice, be part of our upcoming edition!

Save your seats for Health 2.0 Conference 2024 to stay a step ahead in the healthcare industry.