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Global Healthcare Conferences: Who’s Going to Attend the Health 2.0 Conference?

The Health 2.0 Conference’s next two editions are scheduled to be held in Las Vegas and Dubai in 2022. With panel discussions, keynote sessions, dedicated networking sessions and more in the pipeline, this international conference on healthcare will cover all the relevant topics in the industry such as e-health, cost-effective treatment strategies and the social and ethical impacts of the developments in the medical and pharma fields.

One of the best healthcare conferences of 2022, Health 2.0 will offer a vibrant platform to healthcare experts from around the world to initiate multi-disciplinary dialogues that can take patient care to the next level. Read on to find out who’s going to attend the international healthcare conference:

Healthcare professionals

Health 2.0 Conference, 2022 will host health providers from different specialties. With valuable insights, ideas and years of on-the-job experience, they are powerhouses of knowledge. Utilize this opportunity to learn from them.

Hospital administrators and founders

Hospital management teams and eminent chairpersons are also on the Health 2.0 Conference’s list of delegates. With many keynote speakers and panelists being hospital administrators, you will get to know success stories that can be implemented in your healthcare organization. Make sure that you get in touch with them to streamline healthcare processes and manage daily tasks in your organization.


Startup founders, CEOs and budding entrepreneurs will talk about their ideas during the dedicated presentation sessions at Health 2.0 Conference, 2022. With the potential to change the future of healthcare, keep an eye on these MedTech ideas and products!


Global investors and venture capitalists will attend one of the most-renowned healthcare conferences of 2022 to watch MedTech entrepreneurs present their ideas and products. If they like their ideas, they might offer to fund their startups.


Healthcare policies of governments around the world have far-reaching impacts on the entire healthcare ecosystem. While radically affecting patient treatment plans and programs, it also affects the business and inevitably, the mental and physical well-being of individuals. Keeping this in mind, Health 2.0 Conference will also host well-known policymakers to facilitate a freewheeling discussion on the latest healthcare policies rolled out by a number of governments.


Nanotechnology, AI, VR, bioprinting, big data, AR and robotics are making inroads in the healthcare and pharma industry. Acknowledging their importance in enhancing patient care, the conference will host tech experts who will acquaint healthcare professionals with these technologies.

Pharma experts

Pharma professionals and scientists from research-based pharmaceutical firms have been regulars at the Health 2.0 Conference. Ensure that you get in touch with them during the networking sessions to gain knowledge of drug delivery systems and to discuss partnership opportunities.

Attending an international conference on healthcare can prove to be extremely enriching in the long run. You get to meet people from different fields who are united by the goal to enhance healthcare systems around the world. Register today to avail of this opportunity.