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  • Key To Infection Control In Hospitals: Biological Waste Management

    Posted on : July 19, 2022

    Hospitals have been struggling with the issue of proper waste management for years. While it may seem like an easy task, in reality, it requires careful planning and execution to avoid severe infection outbreaks that could lead to the spread of di. Read More

  • Data Privacy In Healthcare Sector: Importance & Protection Strategies

    Posted on : July 11, 2022

    In recent years, data privacy has become a growing concern to businesses of all sizes, especially in the healthcare sector. It is essential for healthcare providers to regularly monitor and manage their patients’ data to maintain an environment of. Read More

  • AI & Diabetes Management: Are We Close To A Cure?

    Posted on : June 23, 2022

    The epidemic of diabetes has become a subject of concern and debate at healthcare conferences and events. Many experts believe that we need a solid approach to preventing this serious problem in vulnerable populations and come up with promising tr. Read More

  • How COVID-19 Has Changed Clinical Trial Management

    Posted on : June 20, 2022

    COVID-19 has changed the lives of many, especially those in the medical field. Numerous aspects of the industry have been impacted - patient safety, data collection, and management, treatment delivery, etc.

    For this, clinical trial teams. Read More

  • Experience The Extraordinary With Mindful Meditation

    Posted on : June 15, 2022

    Whenever a person faces stress-related issues, the most common suggestion by therapists is meditation or something that is closely related to it. Why are people inclined towards meditation over other practices? How is meditation affecting our body. Read More

  • Healthcare Innovations: 2022 Trends and Technologies You Must Know

    Posted on : June 03, 2022

    Healthcare trends do not come and go quickly; when a significant new shift starts, it usually takes a few years to develop into something permanent. Technological breakthroughs have assisted the evolution of healthcare considerably. As discussed a. Read More

  • Disruptions In Healthcare: The Role Of New Technologies

    Posted on : May 27, 2022

    Disruption means challenging the status quo, collapsing old trends, or bringing new revolutions. Emerging innovations are usually a leading cause of disruption in almost every sector. It brings a radical shift in the usual way of doing things whic. Read More

  • Latest Trends in Wearable Healthcare Devices

    Posted on : January 20, 2022

    Wearable healthcare technology has weaved itself into the industry and society as mainstream in the form of Fitbit and smartwatches. With the onset of the pandemic, the number of consumers who want to monitor their health has increased, thus, indi. Read More

  • Impact Of Social Media On Mental Health

    Posted on : January 19, 2022

    Health experts claim that sitting is quite harmful and probably the most unpleasant thing a person can do to their health. However, what is even more concerning is the thing people often do while sitting: mindlessly scrolling through social media . Read More

  • Hope On The Horizon: Novel Treatment Method For Depression

    Posted on : January 05, 2022

    In the early weeks of the pandemic, cases of depression in the United States Of America rose by three times — from 8.5% to an overwhelming 27.8%. As per Read More