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The Rise Of Online Medication Purchases: Health 2.0 Conference Reviews The Prevalence Of Fraud

Do you make online purchases for your healthcare and wellness just because of its convenience and extraordinary results without even diving deep into the pros and cons of the offered products?

Almost everything is available online, even health products and medicines, making it convenient for users to purchase. Buyers often don't even need such health products or medications, but they buy them to experience the outcomes. Fraud companies highlight the positive effects without disclosing the side effects to grab buyers' attention. It is why healthcare professionals at the Health 2.0 Conference shared the importance of consulting the doctor and many such relevant tips to consider before making any unnecessary buys. Join us as we highlight how fraudsters make their products look desirable even though the reality is just the opposite!

Consult A Doctor

Whenever you think of purchasing based on the product's benefits, consult your doctor first! Don't get fooled by the offerings; get proper prescriptions for your health problems and then get the medication. It's not that every online healthcare organization is selling fraudulent products. Still, the ones that don't ask for any doctor's prescription and only focus on selling their products are undoubtedly a warning signal. So think twice before making such purchases in 2023, as these products or medications will have a long-term effect on your body.

Look For The Source

Before making a random purchase from any unknown website, verifying the retailer is recommended. Various experts at the health conferences shared how they have witnessed cases where buyers have made such purchases and later faced undesirable health outcomes. This is what happens when people buy fraudulent products from anonymous retailers. These retailers usually lack licenses or affiliations, which they cover up by offering heavy discounts or offers on their products.

Be Careful Of Bogus Claims

As discussed earlier, online retailers make fake claims that guarantee positive results to make their products attractive and appealing to buyers. Again, this is a red flag as genuine health products or medicines can't guarantee the results because every body type is different from others, and so are the results. The result is determined by the process rather than the product, highlighted by the professionals at the Health 2.0 Conference.

Difference In Products

Sometimes, when one orders products online from fraud dealers, the received products usually differ from the original ones and are overpriced. The fraudsters add extra amounts to the original products to get more from the buyer. These retailers have policies that don't allow for returns or exchanges. Thus, you are trapped in their trick!


These are the few tricks fraudsters adopt to fool people into purchasing fake products and medications. Leaders at the Health 2.0 Conference also suggest people be careful while sharing their personal information with these fraudsters, which can further sell your information to other websites or take undue advantage. So, the next time you decide to make an online purchase, note the points mentioned earlier. Also, to learn more about avoiding such fraudsters or identifying health products fraud, attend the 2023’s healthcare events like Health 2.0 Conference scheduled in the USA and Dubai.

Sarika Gautam

Sarika Gautam is one of the proud leads of the Health 2.0 Conference Dubai edition. The three-day conference is a hotspot of healthcare professionals, medical practitioners, and C-suite executives. Health 2.0 Conference’s upcoming edition is ready to explore interesting topics like digital therapeutics and why including fraud, scam, and spam prevention tactics is the need of the hour.