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  • How Far Have We Come? A Look at Mental Health Awareness Today

    Posted on : October 10, 2022

    On October 10th every year, we observe World Mental Health Day, which means it's the perfect time to pause and talk about how important it is to take care of your mental health. You can do this in many ways — from talking to a friend or family mem. Read More

  • How Are EHRs Better Than Paper Records?

    Posted on : October 06, 2022

    By now, your medical organization's leadership has concluded that using paper-based records causes more problems than it solves. It is time to switch to electronic health records. While some practices can get by with old-fashioned paper, the disad. Read More

  • Attracting & Engaging Workforce In Healthcare Industry

    Posted on : September 30, 2022

    You cannot serve your patients, their families, or the community if you do not have skilled, qualified employees. Hiring the right people and engaging and retaining your employees will result in increased morale, lower employee turnover, and a sig. Read More

  • The Relationship Between Diabetes And Anxiety

    Posted on : September 20, 2022

    While not all people with diabetes experience anxiety, if you do, it’s important to understand that there could be a link between your two conditions. Diabetes has been shown to lead to anxiety, and anxiety can worsen existing symptoms of diabetes. Read More

  • Teletherapy Vs. In-Person Therapy

    Posted on : September 14, 2022

    Are you considering beginning therapy but unsure if teletherapy is right for you? You're not alone. Many wonders if remote treatment can provide the same benefits as traditional in-person therapy.

    In the United States in 2020, one in eve. Read More

  • The Role Of Change Management In Healthcare Organizations

    Posted on : August 31, 2022

    The accelerating healthcare innovation and disruption rate force providers to adjust workflows to meet patients' evolving needs. Without a change management process, this progress could be hampered by inconsistency and miscommunication. Many exper. Read More

  • A Quick Guide To Holistic Medicine

    Posted on : August 25, 2022

    In pursuing optimal health and wellness, holistic medicine considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions. According to healthcare providers at healthcare events in the USA . Read More

  • Health Vs. Wellness: Is There A Difference?

    Posted on : August 17, 2022

    You've probably heard the terms "health" and "wellness" used interchangeably. However, there are some significant differences between the two. Understanding the difference between health and wellness can help you clarify your goals, develop a heal. Read More

  • Making Workplaces Breastfeeding-Friendly

    Posted on : August 03, 2022

    On this World Breastfeeding Week (Aug 1-7), we take a look at its theme, “Step Up For Breastfeeding: Educate and Support,” and study how the community, especially employers, can play a role in promoting the good health of babies and their birthing. Read More

  • How Is Telehealth Redefining The Healthcare Sector?

    Posted on : July 25, 2022

    The pandemic has made people look for alternatives in every industry to carry out their everyday work. Whether it's legal, education, or health, each looked upon technology for solutions during times of crisis. One such solution was telehealth, wh. Read More